Codediv. Protects the privacy of our customers. Reading our privacy policy means getting to know why do we collect the information we collect when you visit our website.
What do you collect?
When a customer visit our website then we collect the basic information like name, ISP domain and the purpose of visiting our website. We may also collect the information of the page where you navigate to, when you visit our website.
At times we also use cookies. The cookies are basically to store personal information in a computer file. Cookies act as an individual to answer your queries.
How do we use the information which we collect?
We use the information which we collect from our customers to enhance the customer service relationship. When we collect the basic information of our customers then we collected so we can in sure how are web traffic is going and how it is working in the internet antenna.
Disclosing your personal information to third parties
There are times when we do disclose your personal information to third parties.
To help enhance internet advertisement
Sometimes we disclose your information to third party for advertisement purpose. for instance internet advertising companies may need your information to better target or advertisements.
When there is breach of trust
When a customer fail to comply with our terms and conditions and we have to take legal action against him then in such a scenario we do take your basic information and disclose to a third party.
Your access to control your information
At any moment, if you feel that you are not comfortable with us then you have the right to access your data and have us do following things with it
You can ask us to delete your data such as your basic information from our system.
You can ask us to protect your data from any third party.
You can ask us to terminate your contract with us, if any.
It is imperative for our valued customers to remember that their data is safe with us. If you have shared your personal information with us then know that it is safe online and offline.
When we take the credit card information that information is always encrypted and confidential.
Not just we protect your information online, we also protect your information offline. Our servers are highly secure and you will not have to worry about the breach of trust from our side.
We reserve the right to change our privacy policy anytime we desire. If you want to make sure that you are updated about our privacy policy then it is always the best idea to keep visiting our website.
For any queries and questions you can always visit our customer service. You can also drop a message to us online in case of emergency.