Receive Up to
through a
Low-Interest Home
enregy loan

As a homeowner in Ontario, you could be eligible for up to $75,000 through the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP). As a result, you can afford ultra-efficient appliances, windows, solar panels, and more for years of energy savings. To get started, reserve an in-home energy assessment today!

Find Out if You

As an Ontario homeowner in good property tax standing with written approval from a mortgage lender (if applicable), you may be eligible for a HELP loan. 

About The Help Loan

Throughout Ontario, the HELP program empowers homeowners to elevate their energy efficiency, reduce their monthly energy spending, and qualify for utility rebates. With low-interest repayments, many homeowners save more on 

For tailored recommendations on how to best utilize your HELP loan, schedule an in-home energy assessment now while availabilities remain.

Why Apply For a
Help Loan?

Right now, countless homeowners throughout Ontario are making meaningful home improvements while limiting their spending. HELP loan…

After submitting an online application, an in-home energy assessment can help you understand exactly which windows to replace, caulking to reinforce, water heaters to purchase, insulation to apply, solar panels to install, and beyond. We base our success on your energy efficiency.

Three Steps Toward
Improved Energy Efficiency

Start the process for your HELP loan by following the steps below!

Apply Online

After downloading and submitting the application form, you’ll understand exactly how much funding you are eligible for. Be sure to ask for written approval from your mortgage lender first.

Reserve An In-Home Energy Assessment

Once you have approval, reserve a visit from an experienced in-home assessor to determine how to best utilize your HELP loan.

Complete The Required Paperwork

Lastly, submit your funding request, Property Owner Agreement (POA), and project completion form. While the POA will be sent to you, following the guidance and when to file information on each form will help streamline the process.

After completing the forms, you can start saving on your energy bill while making low monthly repayments. For up to $75K in home improvement funding, get started today!

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