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14 years on the marked.

If you’ve been wondering how to improve gut health and live without stomach or digestive problems, you’ve come to the right place!

Probioform is one of the best probiotics available on the market today. It’s a liquid living probiotic that contains not just living natural broad-spectrum probiotics but also all the beneficial acids, enzymes and vitamins that the bacteria naturally produce within 3 weeks of fermentation. It’s room temperature-stable and long-lasting, meaning it won’t spoil even when opening one year after purchase.

What’s more, Probioform bacteria always survive stomach acids and start multiplying within 15 minutes of consumption. That means they work much faster than any pill or powder probiotics. It’s a full-spectrum product that helps with a range of diseases, including antibiotics- and stress-related stomach problems. Each 2l box contains 133 doses, or 2 x 15 ml doses per day for 2 months.

What disease can probioform help with?


General health benefits of probioform, a healthy body starts with a strong digestion.

Boosted immune system

Enjoy fewer colds, flus and other infections

Restored gut

Probioform quickly rebuilds your gut flora post-antibiotic treatment

Reduced candida

Many wonder how to reduce candida. Probioform contains a natural counterbalancing wild yeast that metabolizes the sugars that candida thrives on, thereby reducing the overgrowth of candida

Fewer allergic reactions

With a healthier microbiome, your body can more easily eliminate excess toxins that cause allergic reactions

Increased nutrient absorption

Better absorption means you reap the full health benefits of the nutrients you consume

Reduced sugar cravings

With good bacteria crowding out the harmful bad bacteria, sugar cravings are reduced and blood sugar is stabilised

Reduced thrush

Probioform rebuilds the correct pH level to counter thrush

Clearer skin

Fewer toxins in the body lead to healthier, glowing skin

Improved female health

Probioform is the best probiotic for women, as it balances out your pH so that infectious yeast cannot thrive

Feel the differences!

Unprocessed and living
bacteria, never freeze-dried

Cascade fermentation, multiple bacterial strains grown in symbiosis

Natural balance of bacterial strains

Contains beneficial acids that supports all good

No risk of overgrowth of single strains

No fillers, dairy, sugar or gluten

Probiotic pills/powders

Processed bacteria in hibernation, freeze-dried

Strains of bacteria grown in isolation

Manipulated combination of bacterial strains

Does not contain beneficial acids and can create overgrowth of a few strains

Can contain additives and preservatives

No wild yeast

“After having used Probioform for only three days, I could notice a significant change in my bowel movements, and my constipation started to let go. I have now used Probioform daily for two years, and my digestion and bowel movements have never been better. Many of my friends have tried Probioform with the same success.”

- Stig Levin, Researcher

About Us

Probioform was born out of a mission to bring a healthier lifestyle to all, young and old. Using state-of-the-art technology, we create 100% natural solutions for today’s stomach and digestive issues, giving people a smart alternative to reduce negative effect from toxic chemicals and medicines

Common probiotics are freeze-dried, a process that strips them of their full potential and damages them during both the freezing and defrosting processes. After working with freeze-dried probiotics in the past, we realized we weren’t getting the results we wanted. Determined to find a better way of creating probiotics, we looked into nature and how it once supplied us with probiotics. This is how we discovered the missing piece: a living liquid probiotic.

Are you ready to transform your health with the best liquid probiotic available?

Why Probioform?

A full-spectrum probiotic that can transform your health

A full-spectrum probiotic that can transform your health

Whether for yourself, your mother, sister, husband, or children, Probioform is a health product for the whole family. Unlike other probiotics which are produced in a monoculture and then freeze-dried into powder or pills by removing all the water that keeps probiotics alive and that makes them vulnerable to the stomach acid. Probioform is completely sourced from plants and is fermented for 3 weeks and contains no artificially produced bacteria.

A full-spectrum probiotic that can transform your health

A full-spectrum probiotic that can transform your health

A full-spectrum probiotic that can transform your health


I first tried Probioform 7 years ago. I remember I took two tablespoons the first time, and already that same day I could notice something was changing in my gut. Already after three days, my constipation started to let go. Before that, I would go to the toilet 1-2 times per week. After three weeks, I was visiting the bathroom regularly twice per day without any pain anymore, and it has been like that for seven years now

- Dan Uhrbom

Author of ”Wild Food”

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