“This place has a great bunch of lads with an exceptional trainer!” - Jack. H


Join our certified blackbelt instructors-led Mixed Martial Arts classes in Tewkesbury. To develop a stronger, healthier body and a sound mind.

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To us, mixed martial arts classes go beyond building stamina, flexibility and physical strength; it is all about empowerment. We will help you learn how to defend yourself, build your confidence and capabilities while improving your focus and awareness.

With consistent training and development in a supportive environment as you overcome all physical challenges you face, we help you learn self-control and discipline, empowering you to become a better individual in your relationships and society at large.

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The Outlaw MMA Advantage

Fully Equipped Gym

From a 14ft training cage and a fully matted area with cage walls to punching bags and more, our TewkesburyMMA gym comes fully equipped with best- equipment to aid in your mixed martial arts training..

Certified Black-belt Instructors

We not only have over 7 years of experience in the Tewkesbury Mixed Martial Arts scene. All our coaches are certified black-belt instructors, guaranteeing you safe, effective and professional training.

Well-Rounded Curriculum

We don’t just focus on teaching one fighting style. Our programs are well-rounded and carefully designed to help you become well rounded in Mixed Martial Arts.

Positive Environment

Our MMA gym is a positive and supportive environment where both students can socialize, develop friendships, encourage each other to grow and work together towards their fitness goals.

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Here is what people have to say about our mixed martial arts classes.

Been going to outlaw for a few months now and loving every session. Always learning and improving. good facilities and great coaches with lots of knowledge.
Ben Ball
Mark is one of the most authentic, experienced, professional and committed MMA coaches in the UK
Tony T
I have been training with Outlaw for over a year now, and I have become better physically and mentally. Mark is a great coach, and will push you to reach the best of your abilities! I enjoy training and have met some brilliant lads who will also help you to succeed.

I Recommend everybody all shapes and sizes, who are looking for a change in life to come down and check it out.
Jordan Quinn

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Added Joining Bonus

As an added bonus if you decide to join the gym after your trial session will will give you our INTRO TO MMA video course value £29.99 absolutely


Included in the course

14 Video Lessons A Coaching Manual to accompany each video


Unit A2 Northway Trading Estate

Northway lane Tewkesbury GL20 8TE England

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