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Our Mission

The Mission of Westwind Recovery® is to provide a comprehensive and client-centered program that results in powerful healing of both our clients and their families. We grow and nurture a vibrant community that is filled with healthy individuals who are living in sustainable recovery, experiencing joy, and helping others to do the same.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Breathe life back into your soul. Find beauty in life through recovery.

Partial Hospitalization

Our Westwind Recovery® partial hospitalization program grants clients the vital medical care they need without actually requiring a residential stay.

Intensive Outpatient

In some cases where the client’s addiction is considered mild and manageable, we might suggest attending our intensive outpatient program.


Our outpatient program provides flexible support options for clients with school, work, or family commitments.

Sober Living

Sober Living Programs ease transitioning into society in a supportive and relaxed setting.


Addiction is a hard disease to come to grips with. Therapy can assist with breaking the damaging cycle of addiction and beginning the recovery journey.

Mental Health Outpatient

As mental health specialists, we take the overall health and well-being of our clients very seriously. Our mental health outpatient program addresses a client’s physical and spiritual condition.

Dual Diagnosis

Many of our clients attend our treatment center struggling with both addiction and mental health issues. We can provide mental health services for both conditions.

Deena Manion, PsyD, LCSW

Deena Manion, PsyD, LCSW, speaks about her role as Clinical Officer at Westwind Recovery® and how she leads the team in treating our clients through all levels of care in an individualized way for the best outcomes.

About Westwind Recovery®

The people behind Westwind Recovery® are comprised of seasoned professionals with years of experience in psychology, therapy, and healthcare. We aim to provide a place and community for people who want to live sober. Our doors are always open for troubled individuals who want a second chance in life.

Our mission is to make recovery achievable for everybody with the help of our staff and a supportive community. We believe that aside from the treatment we provide, a safe and supportive community is vital for long-term recovery.

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Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Why Choose Westwind Recovery®?

Recovery from addiction starts with a choice to seek treatment. Westwind Recovery® understands how difficult it is to take the first step, which is why we strive to embrace every single person who walks through our doors.

Help Is Available

At Westwind Recovery®, respect and dignity serve as our most important cornerstones across all programs. Clients are precious, unique individuals with their own individual addiction stories. All are deserving of love, support, and compassion.


“I came to Westwind in 2018 and they immediately made me feel like I was at home and safe! So much that I still haven’t left. I came to Westwind as a client and with the amazing support of staff they helped shape me into the person I am today. They gave me a leadership role as a house manager and after having a year of sobriety, I became a technician for our sober living and residential facilities. They taught me how to have fun in recovery and I owe a great amount of my success to them believing in the person I am today!”

Ivy F.

“Westwind is a one a million program. The love and dedication of everybody working here is unlike anything I have experienced in any other program. I came to Westwind in 2017 after years of homelessness and failed attempts at recovery. I immediately felt welcomed and accepted into the community, and was shown how amazing recovery can really be. I consider Westwind my family.They helped me to grow into the person I am today and I will be forever grateful to amazing people here!!”

Danny S.

“Westwind changed my life. I started Westwind IOP and began living at one of their sober living homes in January 2019. I was incredibly scared and unhappy, but their staff were very helpful, patient, and kind. They literally brought me back from rock bottom and gave me the tools to live a fulfilling and happy life. Thanks to the people I met at Westwind, I now have 1.5 years clean and sober. I have a huge support network and a really wonderful life today. Thank you Westwind!”

Elijah R.

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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, know that help is available anytime. Our team of treatment professionals is ready to offer you support 24/7, and the best part is that the call is completely free.

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